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Used Car Inspections | Automotive Body and Tire Center Inc.

Used Car Inspections in Skokie, IL

Automotive Body & Tire Center, offers Used Car Inspections. Whether you are looking to purchase a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV, ABT can evaluate the vehicle, for a reasonable fee, before you make the purchase.

ABT will have one of its certified ASE technicians perform the vehicle inspection
The reports will cover the following:

  • inspect each and every system to identify any existing mechanical and electrical problems and any potential problems.
  • inform you if the previous owner(s) took care of the vehicle or abused or misused the vehicle.
  • identify each problem and put any needed repairs in terms of miles and money. For example, the front brakes have 15,000 miles remaining, the cracked CV-boot will cost $300 to replace, the timing belt needs to be replaced in 10,000 miles at the cost of $800, etc...
  • determine if the mileage on the odometer is consistent with the actual amount of wear and tear on the vehicle. Excessive wear and tear will be signs of odometer fraud or an abused vehicle.
  • identify what type of frame system (full-frame or unibody), and reveal any previous body and/or frame damage and the quality of any repairs.
  • identify if the vehicle has any water or flood damage.

Remember the more you know about a used vehicle the better deal you can make. The buyer is responsible to determine its true condition before purchase. Having the vehicle inspected by ABT will help you negotiate a better deal, and avoid purchasing someone else's problem vehicle.